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Smoke Alarms

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Smoke Alarm Electrician Brisbane

Something as delicate as a smoke alarm needs the expertise of a smoke alarm electrician in Brisbane from Icebolt. Our licenced electricians have worked on hundreds of smoke alarms in every home we have serviced, from Brisbane to Gold Coast. From the basic to the most complex smoke alarms, you can trust our skilful and experienced technicians to get the job done in no time at all.

With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, our team can easily diagnose the problems your smoke alarms may have, identifying the cause and determining whether you need to replace them. More than just dispensing expert advice, we also do inspection and maintenance to keep your smoke alarms functioning.

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smoke alarm installation brisbane

Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

Did you know that Icebolt provides the most cost-effective smoke alarm installation in Brisbane? They have been doing this for over two decades now. With their affordable rates and excellent service, you’re sure that your homes get the protection it needs from a properly installed smoke alarm system.

Expect an installation that’s done expertly by our professional and licenced electricians. More than just meeting your high standards on quality work, we strictly observe the safety standards established by product and equipment manufacturers, local councils, and the Australian government.

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smoke alarm testing

Smoke Alarm Replacement Brisbane

Would you know if and when you need a smoke alarm replacement in Brisbane? Find out now by calling Icebolt. We’ll tell you if your smoke alarms have got to be replaced or they just need to be checked and cleaned. If they’re old, you need to replace them already. We’re happy to show you our line-up of the best, affordable smoke alarms from the leading brands in the country and we’d be happy to install them in your home.

With more than two decades under our belt, we have forged strong professional relationships with a handful of smoke alarm suppliers and manufacturers, giving us access to a wide array of smoke alarms that can fit any budget and specifications.

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smoke alarm replacement

Smoke Alarm Testing

If you have old smoke alarms installed in your homes, you need Icebolt Electrical to do smoke alarm testing for all of them. Give us a call and we will send our smoke alarm experts to check if they need to be replaced or still meet the Australian safety standards. Our licenced electricians can easily determine if the smoke alarms’ 10-year efficacy has lapsed already.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s your duty to regularly test your smoke alarms. Much more so if you’re a residential property landlord or a real estate developer or agent. You are obligated by law to ensure the regular maintenance and testing of smoke alarms. We’ll be happy to help you perform smoke alarm testing today.

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