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Solar Electrician Brisbane

Need a reliable solar electrician in Brisbane? Look no further than Icebolt Electrical. Our team of experts can install and service solar systems for both residential and commercial needs.

Did you know that solar panel systems can provide power for more than 30 years if properly maintained? That’s more than three decades of enjoying clean and renewable energy source, you basically enjoy the use of electricity for free once the systems are installed. It’s just a matter of properly maintaining these solar panels to ensure their longevity.

Because Icebolt has been in the industry for more than 25 years, we have established a very good relationship with our electrical suppliers and manufacturers, both local and overseas. That means we have access to the latest solar panel systems of the top brands and can provide you with a range of products that perfectly suits your requirements.

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Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

For professional solar panel installation in Brisbane, Icebolt Electrical is it! We’ve installed solar panels for countless homes and business establishments, letting them enjoy the savings and other benefits of a solar-powered home or office. Installing solar panels is not an easy task. You need experts to do it as there are many factors to consider and look into like property type, roof type, energy consumption, and more.

As required by Australian standards and legislation, Icebolt Electrical meets the criteria for solar panel installations like having highly trained, duly licenced, and accredited solar power system installers.

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Solar Panel Repairs

For high-quality solar panel repairs, let the skilful and solar panel experts from Icebolt Electrical take care of them, regardless of who installed them or what the model is. That’s the kind of expertise we have. If it comes to uninstalling and installing a new solar panel system, we can do that, too!

We also work on micro-cracks and hot spots, PID (potential induced degradation) effect, loose wiring, inner module damages (due to poor handling and faulty production), and external module damages caused by the weather and other factors. Let Icebolt Electrical check your solar panels and will give you our diagnosis and recommendations.

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Solar Panel Service

For professional solar panel service, there’s one that has earned the trust of homeowners and business owners alike—Icebolt Electrical. We have serviced countless residential and commercial establishments, making sure their solar panel systems perform optimally and last for generations to come.

While solar panels require little service and maintenance, you still have to have them checked regularly. This includes cleaning and dusting off the panels, checking if there are parts that have wear and tear, and so on. Let Icebolt Electrical be your regular solar panel servicing company. We will keep your solar panel systems operating at their peak.

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