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switchboard electrician

Switchboard Electrician Brisbane

For any switchboard concerns, you need an expert switchboard electrician in Brisbane that you can rely on. Icebolt has a team of fully licenced, certified, and highly qualified switchboard specialists at your disposal. Our switchboard experts have vast experience installing, repairing, and maintaining switchboards, bringing light to hundreds of homes from Brisbane to Gold Coast, and other areas we serve.

With more than 25 years of knowledge and experience, our team of specialists can determine what work is needed on your switchboards, from identifying the problems of overheating to determining the need to replace your switchboard with a new one. More than just expertly installing it, we also do inspection and maintenance to keep it in tiptop shape.

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Switchboard Upgrade Brisbane

For switchboard upgrade in Brisbane, call a licenced electrician from Icebolt. Our switchboard specialists will check the state of your switchboard, recommend the best replacement from Australia’s top brands, and install it themselves strictly observing safety standards established by industry authorities, manufacturers, local councils, and the Australian government.

Our almost three decades in the industry has helped us forge strong relationships with the country’s leading switchboard manufacturers and suppliers, giving us the advantage to provide you with the best price and a wide range of switchboards that will fit your electrical consumption perfectly.

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Domestic Switchboard Installation

Domestic switchboard installations are done by licenced electricians, like the ones from Icebolt. Strictly observing the protocols and safety standards established by industry authorities, manufacturers, local councils, and the Australian government, our fully certified and experienced specialists provide proper installation of electrical switchboards skilfully.

We use the latest tools and equipment in installing switchboards, from quality copper wires needed to wire cutters to circuit breakers, and more. Depending on the situation, we install switchboards during home building, home makeovers, and switchboard upgrades.

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domestic switchboard installation brisbane

Switchboard Repairs

Whether your electrical switchboard is old or defective, or both, whatever the reason may be, call in the professionals for switchboard repairs—Icebolt Electrical.

Old switchboards are prone to fuse blowouts, rendering your home without electricity. They can also cause fluctuations and may short-circuit, becoming a fire and electric hazard that endanger your home. While new switchboards may also cause the same problems, it’s not because they’re old from wear and tear but more probably due to exposure to outside elements like moisture or insect infestation, among others.

Let our experienced switchboard electricians inspect your switchboard and find out what needs to be repaired. We will discuss with you what needs to be done and give you the cost of the repair.

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